Watch Your Mouth Gene A. Ziemke World Of Pentecost 3/30/1985 Watch Your Mouth Notes: FAITH believes that the word will come to pass! Fear activates the devil. Stinkin’ thinkin’ has to go. What you say is what you’re gonna get. What you confess opens the door. We gotta learn to change what we think and [...]

The Bionic Message – Gene A. Ziemke – MCM – February 1985 Believe It Or Not I Care   Caring Begets Caring. Common denominators among growing churches: Filled with exciting, caring people. Services that reflect life or liveliness. Stirring Music. Relevant Preaching. Sense of Mission or Purpose. We are called to be a WANT TO church [...]

Do You Live In A Haunted House? Gene A. Ziemke   Some people live in their own haunted house. A continual restlessness. Haunted, restless, tormented.   God doesn’t want his people to be haunted with anger or fear. He wants us to be liberated, set free, delivered! *If you are listening with an iPhone 6, you [...]

The Missing Ingredient – Gene A. Ziemke – New Heart Worship Center – May 2005 The missing ingredient in experiencing the presence of God is Love and Respect.   *If you are listening with an iPhone 6, you will need to use earbuds to hear!

There Is A Way That Seems Right Gene A. Ziemke – 1985 There is a way that seems right but it’s not right and the end, thereof, are the ways of death. *If you are listening with an iPhone 6, you will need to use earbuds to hear!

Nothing Gene A. Ziemke 10/5/2003 New Heart Worship Center *If you own an iPhone 6s, we have discovered the sound only works when you use earbuds!

Faithful No Matter What – Gene A. Ziemke *This recording comes from a cassette tape, remember those? The sound quality is not the best and we have found the sound doesn’t work with the iPhone 6s unless you are using earbuds. Regardless, the message is worth a listen!

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