The Ziemke Story

Mom wrote their story in 2014 in order to share their history with family and family to come.

I’m excited to now share their story with YOU!

In The Ziemke Story you will learn of their Christian Heritage, their early years, ministry, trying times, family, where they’ve been, and how they ended up where they are today!

The Ziemke Story written for family in 2014 by Lorraine.

We will endeavor to share a little bit of  The Ziemke Story each week as Mom wrote it to her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and beyond.

In order to keep integrity, names may be changed of those other than family.

Our Story

Lorraine’s Christian Heritage

Gene – The Early Years – Family and Church

Gene – The Early Years – Money, School, Hunting, and Fishing

Gene – The Early Years – Cars, Girls, The Future, and Nearly Drowning

Lorraine – The Early Years – 1942-1950

Lorraine – The Early Years – 1950

Lorraine – The Early Years – 1953 – 1955

Lorraine – The Early Years – 1956

Lorraine – The Early Years – 1957 – 1958

Lorraine – Off To College

Meeting Gene For The First Time

Gene And Lorraine’s First Year Of Marriage


Our Growing Family

Settling Down And Baby Number Two

The Ziemke Story – 1967

The Ziemke Story – 1968

The Ziemke Story – 1969

Family Night

Building The World Of Pentecost At 1818

The Glory Days

A Growing Church and Sharliss Joins Our Family

Adding To The Family

1976 – New Church Schedule, New Property, And The Life Of A Pastor’s Wife

1977 – The Purchase Of Our Own Home, Family Pets, A Dummy, and Church Changes

1978 – A Good Shepherd, Hawaii, Growing Churches, Summer Happenings, and Excavation Of 40 Acres

1979 – Arson, Accident, Kids, and The Mincers

1980 – Family Life And Trying Times

1981 and 1982 – Family Happenings and J.O.N.

1983 – Life, Church, and The Siberian Seven

1984 & 1985 – Family, Health, MCM, and a 10,000 Mile Road Trip

1986 – A Major Change, Leaving MCM, Florida, and A God Appointment

1987 – Moving To Bend

1988 and 1989 – Another Move, New Jobs, and Two Weddings

1990 – The Rose Petalers And The Move To Bay Lake

1992, 1993, 1994 – Lake Bay And Another Wedding

1996 – Our New Home And A Health Concern

1997 & 1999 – Our 35th Wedding Anniversary, The Mincer’s 60th Anniversary, and A Trip To Sunriver

2000 – 2009 – 60th Birthday, Flipping A House, Retirement, Motorhome Adventure, 87th Birthday

2010 – Gene Turns 70

Gene’s Ongoing Ministry

2012 – 50th Wedding Anniversary

These Are Your Roots