Father’s Day – Gene A. Ziemke – 6/19/2011 It’s a message from Father’s Day that is relevant every day of the year! 4 points: Proclamation As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Problem The search for fathers and fatherless children. I was surprised to hear my husband, Steve, share at the end of [...]

What’s In Your Hand? Gene A. Ziemke 8/12/2007 New Heart Worship Center   You are a potential giant slayer! It’s not what you think you don’t have but it’s what you do have! If You can use anything Lord, You can use me! God has given us all kinds of potential and possibilities. The value He [...]

Finish Strong – Gene A. Ziemke – December 18, 2013 OCC In Highlighting and Underscoring this week’s message, FINISH STRONG, there’s an old saying: “It’s not how high you jump at Conversion, but how you run when your feet hit the ground!”  Sooooo as we leave 2016 behind and cross the Threshold into 2017, let’s put [...]

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