How Ya Doin’, Gene A. Ziemke, OCC, 9/5/2010 5 Basic Needs that all of humanity craves are to be: Loved Wanted Needed Admired Appreciated

The Big Picture, Gene A. Ziemke, New Heart Worship Center, 2/20/2008 5 Components of The Big Picture: Unity Humility A Servant’s Heart Your Part The Jesus Style

Reality Check Gene A. Ziemke New Heart Worship Center June 1996 *If you are listening with an iPhone 6, you will need to use earbuds to hear!

Watch Your Mouth Gene A. Ziemke World Of Pentecost 3/30/1985 Watch Your Mouth Notes: FAITH believes that the word will come to pass! Fear activates the devil. Stinkin’ thinkin’ has to go. What you say is what you’re gonna get. What you confess opens the door. We gotta learn to change what we think and [...]

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