Christianity In Balance

Balance is Paramount

The Pendulum Swing to Extremes is Dangerous
They that worship the LORD, must worship HIM in Spirit and in Truth.
  • all Spirit = Fanaticism
  • all Truth = Legalism


  • Political Consternation
  • With Spiritual Sensitivity!
  • Don’t throw the Baby out with the bathwater!
  • Extremism in any avenue of life lends itself to destructive results and disappointing outcomes!
  • Balance is necessary for enduring Health, Happiness, and a Successful Journey!
  • The Planet Earth is meticulously Balanced 23 degrees, 21 minutes tilted on its axis, rotating 1,000 mph at the equator(?)
  • A 1935 Chevy was advertised as A Balanced Car.
  • Government Administration doesn’t seem serious about Balancing USA Budget! Yet as Citizens, we Must balance our personal Budget, or suffer the Consequences! HELLO!
1.  In the human body, Metabolism must be in Balance!
2. Your PH Acidic/Alkaline must be in Balance!
3.  Your car tires must be Balanced or the whole car vibrates and shakes.
4.  A precision clock/watch requires meticulous Balance to function properly!
5.  A tight-rope walker’s Balance determines his life or death!  (A Balance Rod is gripped in the ‘middle’ for accuracy of Balance.)
6.  Your diet/food and exercise Balance determines your health & strength!
7.   The Cam shaft and engine of a vehicle must be  Balanced for optimum efficiency and power!
8.  The MH auto jacks are important to keep the MH in Balance when parked!
9.   Aircraft & hydraulics must be in Balance!
10.  Any heavy lift crane meticulously requires Balance or the consequences can be devastating! (WOP beam being lifted into place during construction—toppled the crane!)
11.  The accuracy of  weights & measures requires Balance!
  • Anything extrapolated to the Extreme produces Imbalance
  • Any message of Doctrine  (Truth) that extrapolates to extremes, diminishes that Truth’s Purpose, be it Grace & Love / Justice & Holiness.
  • Balance is critically Important, be it: Health, Mind, Budget, or Spiritual!

12.  Balance in the Human Body is determined by the Inner Ear!

13.  The health of the inner ear determines the proper balance of the body.

14.  My Pastor’s son lost his Balance and fell off a truck and injured his Inner Ear which affected his Balance and his ability to stand up and walk!
15.  Inner ear infection can cause dizziness, confusion, and falling!
16.  Is this a correlation to the Scripture warning of a great falling away? Having itching ears they heap to themselves teachers.
17.  In Christianity, Extremes are Dangerous!
18. Like driving on a highway, there are guidelines that, if you stay within them and are careful how you drive, you will be safe. If you cross those lines either to the right or left, you will end up in the ditch, or worse yet, hit another vehicle head on.
19. Balance in every phase of life is important for your well-being!
20.  As kids, we use to walk the rails out to my cousin’s house which required Balance.
21.   As children, we learn to ride a bike with balancing, training wheels!
22.  If a Tight-Rope walker loses his Balance (without a net) it is catastrophic!
23.  Equilibrium is vital to Balance!
  • A condition in which all acting influences are canceled by others, resulting in a stable, balanced, or unchanging system.
  • Mental or emotional balance; poise.
  • Hormonal balance.
  • Balance is defined as a state of equilibrium. It takes significant amount of work for this to occur in the body. The brain uses inputs from many sources to understand where the body is located in relationship to the world and to allow it to function. Sensory information from the eyes, ears, and position receptors in the rest of the body help keep the body upright and allow it to move in a coordinated fashion. The inner ear holds your  ability to Balance!
24. In life, it is important to learn how to Balance work/home life, Reading/tech stuff, Church life, commitment/reality, and marriage/work.
25. There are two extreme tests that disturb our balance in life. Each has its own set of problems. On one side is Adversity and on the other side is Prosperity. Chuck Swindol  p. 106  “Any Biblical proof that some have been snatched from obscurity and exalted to prosperity without losing their integrity?  Yes, Joseph, Daniel, Amos, Job, and [David—the humility of a servant, the heart of a shepherd, the hands of skill]. To stay Balanced through prosperity, ah, that demands integrity. The swift wind of compromise is a lot more devastating than the sudden jolt of misfortune. That’s why walking on a wire is harder than standing up in a storm. Height has a strange way of disturbing our Balance.”
26. God did not call us to be Prosperous and Popular but to be Holy and Christ-followers!
27. Our Priorities in this 21st Century are easily manipulated and rendered out of wack.
28. JESUS said: “if any man loves this world, the love of the Father is not in him”.
29. His challenge and call is to: “Take up your cross daily and follow Me.”
30. Our modern day Culture sneers at Absolutes and relegates them to archaic and out of touch!
31. When Truth lies fallen in the street and Absolutes are mocked, ridiculed, and marginalized, everything is relative and we’ve lost our Moral Compass!
32. The U.S. is most Definitely Out of Balance morally and Spiritually!
33. Dr. Dobson said several years ago that the U.S. was Post Christian. (We didn’t want to hear that, say it isn’t so, but alas time is showing it is so, the examples are obvious everywhere you look!)
34.  Words like these are immediately pounced upon and the messenger is quickly labeled Doomsayer or Extremist or worse.
35. It’s time to take the blinders off and admit we are facing a Reality Check!
36.   A call to Repentance and to again hear a word behind us saying: this is the way, walk in it.
37.  There is a Broad Road that leads to Destruction and many are on that road. There is the Alternative: The Straight and Narrow Road that leads to Life. Choose this day whom you will serve and which Road you will travel!
38. Choose Life and Live in Spiritual Balance!
39.  @BishopJakes: “It is impossible to have a successful life without balance, it’s a major key to your success. Therefore find balance in everything you do.”
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