He or she is free indeed; who refuses to be wounded by Rejection or captivated by Praise! Contained in that statement are two powerful tactics that our Adversary will try to use; to defeat our Purpose, Peace, Impact, Victory, and Christian Example in our Journey of Life. Rejection has devastated & crippled the Worth, Peace, and fulfilling [...]

I reached my black, cloth-gloved hand into the snow and retrieved a hundred, no a thousand-thousand tiny diamonds. The snow had been struck by rain and quickly froze the tiny drops to crystals. On my black gloved palm, they showed, radiant in the sunlight, a glorious decoration; not one priceless gem but a wealth covering [...]

This message, Transformed, was preached on Palm Sunday in 1986. You gotta hear this! I didn’t realize Dad had an accent and thought I had someone else’s sermon at first! Dad always prepared unforgettable taglines so when asked, ‘what was the message about today?’, you would certainly know the answer! All the caterpillar has known [...]

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