Wounded by Rejection or Captivated by Praise

He or she is free indeed; who refuses to be wounded by Rejection or captivated by Praise!
Contained in that statement are two powerful tactics that our Adversary will try to use; to defeat our Purpose, Peace, Impact, Victory, and Christian Example in our Journey of Life.
Rejection has devastated & crippled the Worth, Peace, and fulfilling of the Purpose of Life in sooooo many people! Equally so; exorbitant craving, soliciting, and embracing of Praise can fill the human heart with such Pride and Arrogance (that is sooooo contrary to the spirit of Humility) that it robs us of a fulfilling life of Balance and Purpose!

Notwithstanding, there are five basic Human needs that we all should strive to fulfill in our Relationship with others: To be Loved, Wanted, Needed, Admired, and Appreciated.

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