Identity Theft and a Comparative Analogy

Consider an Analogy of the Tragic Consequences of:  “Identity Theft!”
  • Approximately 15 million United States residents have their identities used fraudulently each year with financial losses totalling upwards of $50 billion.*
  • Close to 100 million additional Americans have their personal identifying information placed at risk of identity theft each year when records maintained in government and corporate databases are lost or stolen.
  • These alarming statistics demonstrate identity theft may be the most frequent, costly, and pervasive crime in the United States.
CONSIDER this comparative analogy!
  • Sadly, “Identity Theft” is not just a financial theft problem!
  • It can more importantly embrace a Cataclysmic Theft of our Humanity!
  • It can also be a Spiritual, Physical,  Mental, Emotional and Social Theft!
  • Tragically, especially among America’s youth population, it is the “Theft of their Identity”, ie “Who they are!”
  • Sexual and Transgender Deception and Confusion is a Major “Theft Identity!”
  • Let me Emphatically state: When GOD Created a man’s identity and a woman’s identity, “HE didn’t make a mistake!”
  • The Master Architect of the Universe strategically and articulately created the opposite sexes, a man and a woman, for the stabilization, procurement, and good of humanity!
  • To Follow and abide in “HIS Master Plan” is to find Fulfillment, Joy, and Purpose in Life!
  • To abrogate and defy “HIS Plan” leads to Confusion, Heartache, Despair, Deception, and Disillusionment.
  • Note from the Olympics: “Yeah, I’m Steele Johnson the Olympian, but at the same time I’m here to love and serve Christ. My identity is rooted in Christ.”
It’s this 21st Century Society and Culture that has succumbed to the Deception of a Demonic Plan to try to “annihilate GOD’s creation masterpiece”, alas to Societies Peril.
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  • Danielle Goodwin Dec 31, 2016, 2:38 am

    Very nice website! I am glad your sharing all the wisdom God has blessed both of you with!

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