Right Attitudes And Relationships

Right Attitudes And Relationships
Gene A. Ziemke


Below are a few nuggets I jotted down while listening to this message! – Bridget

Walk in the Light

The Power is in our Knees.

Man that’s in sympathy with darkness can not be in fellowship with the light.

He does the work in and through us.

Rejoice with your brother who is being blessed!

The only exercise some people get is Jumping To Conclusions.

Let another man praise thee and not thy own mouth.

Seek out fellowship of Christians.

Get your principles straight and the details will take care of themselves.

Basic causes for strained relationships in church:
Failing to give strength and encouragement to each other.
Detachment from the church.
People who claim to be a Christian without a change of heart.
An unforgiving Spirit.
Failure to maintain a right spirit.

Sermonettes create Christianettes

You feel the best when you are so busy helping someone else.


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